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Khaki Edward

For my Rei Rei

Posted on 2009.04.17 at 18:15
Part 4

I had trouble sleeping.  Not because of Alan’s threat but because I couldn’t make up my mind about how I felt about Chris.  Sometimes alcohol did this to me.  I would see his face and how he could be a gentleman with me and I’d begin to wonder how deeply he felt for his girlfriend.  An argument would ensue inside my mind until I would eventually drift off.  Needless to say that when I went to work the next day I was not rested and my appearance reflected that.

 “Geez, girl, how much did you drink last night?” Garrett joked, a half-smile playing on his lips.  Was this his attempt at flirting?

 “I had two beers and sleep was a problem.”

 “Did Snickers finally get here?” Jet asked before anyone could respond to my comment.  I knew one of the frat boys was probably planning a ‘that’s what she said’ retort for later.

 “Yep, arrived late.  I saw him get in, he looked tired,” Wade replied, handing me the inventory log for today’s excursion.  “Your turn.”

 I mentally groaned and took the clipboard.  The crew headed into the lab to map out the day as I began checking and logging items we were taking with us on the boat today.  I was about halfway through my inventory when someone cleared their throat.

 “Excuse me; is this Dr. Jenkins’ lab?” An almost melodic voice questioned.  I turned around and saw a tall, blonde, incredibly good-looking man.  He was dressed casually, looking almost like a tourist but had a manner about him that to me seemed almost self-important.  His deep blue eyes seemed to pierce right through me and I tried to find my voice.

 “Well, is it?” Another voice, this one female and business-like infiltrated my ears.  I turned to see a thirty-something woman scrutinizing me.

 “Yes,” I replied simply.

 “Are you the receptionist?” The woman asked, seeming relieved but also annoyed with my lack of personality at the moment.

 “No, she’s not the receptionist.  She’s the behavior specialist,” Chris answered for me, seeming to appear out of nowhere.  I shot him a sideways glare, trying to remind him of our conversation about me speaking for myself but he was trying to stand tall, staring down the gorgeous man.

 “Would you mind telling us where Dr. Jenkins is?” The woman asked next, quickly turning impatient.

 “That depends.  You are?”  I averted my eyes from the scene.  Chris knew very well who this man was, but for some reason was treating him with hostility.  I didn’t want my expression to give anything away.

 “I’m Nick and this is my publicist, Jodie.  I think you’re expecting us.”

 “Right, I’m Chris, follow me,” Chris said with a hint of sarcasm and led the two into the lab.  I let out a breath after they left, unaware that I had been holding it.  He’s Snickers?

 When Chris said he was an actor I didn’t think he was going to be as devastatingly handsome as he was.  His features were strong and he was muscular enough without being overly burly.  I don’t get star-struck and I’d only ever met one other man that made me hold my breath… Wow.

 “Hey, is inventory finished?” Wade’s voice brought me from my thoughts.

 “Almost, I was distracted by Snickers,” I murmured, completely telling the truth.

 "Hurry up, Alan wants to begin.”

 I did the rest of the log and made my way into the conference room once more.  I walked into the middle of Dr. Jenkins’ speech.

 “-a lot of work to do and not much time.  I expect full cooperation from all sides.  Remember you’re guests in my project on my boat and you need to follow my crew’s instructions.  Ah, Kyla, there you are.  Tell us the gist of tiger behavior, please,”

 Are you kiddingThe gistTiger’s are entirely complex

 “Stay away from the teeth and it should be fine,” I said dryly.  Everyone except for Alan and Jodie laughed.  I continued before I was yelled at.  “They basically have a pattern of investigate before eating, but each one is different.  Some are more aggressive than others, some bite first and investigate later – “

 “So, stay away from the teeth,” Nick smiled, and I nodded.

 “It took hours of us watching from a cage before getting in the open water with them – “ I continued but was interrupted by Garrett.

 “You’ll be in the cage at all times.  Only me, Ky, Wade, and Chris will be out of the cage, it’s just not safe for an inexperienced diver to try it.”

 “I’ve been diving since I was a kid,” Nick replied confidently.

 "He has experience, which is why he was selected for this production,” Mr. Keller spoke for the first time that day.

 “That may be, but these animals are unpredictable and dangerous.  I don’t want Mr. Sark – “ Garrett argued before being interrupted himself.

 “Call me Nick.  I signed onto this with the understanding that they wanted me in the water.”

 All eyes turned to Mr. Keller.  He was sweating.

 “Well, um, Mr. Sar- Nick, that was the intention but Dr. Jenkins has the, I mean he runs his, er,”

 “Why don’t we play it by ear?  If conditions are right Nick can try it but we’ll be extremely cautious,” I suggested, finding it almost physically painful to listen to Mr. Keller.  I caught Nick’s eye when I said his name and the corner of his mouth turned up, amused by my compromise.

 “I can live with that,” he said with his confidence again, and crossed his arms.

 “Okay, but if we say it’s too dangerous we mean it,” Garrett conceded and Dr. Jenkins nodded in agreement.

 “Jet, where are the sharks this morning?” Dr. Jenkins questioned next, eager to get going.

 “A few are around TurtleBay.”

 “Jack and Sybil?” I asked, wondering if those two sharks were frequenting their favorite piece of sea.

 “Always,” Jet laughed.

 "Let’s get loaded up and see what the fuss is about,” Chris suggested and we all headed to the boat.

Khaki Edward

An update for my fro-hos that care

Posted on 2009.04.06 at 21:45

Part 3

The next day went fairly well.  We had some technical issues with the satellite tags and with the TV crew’s gear, but Danny (the other crew member) was able to take care of his problem fairly efficiently while Jet and I dealt with ours.

“Snickers” (our new nickname for Nick Sark courtesy of the frat boys) was supposed to arrive after we finished on the boat on the second day.  We didn’t have the technical problems and everything seemed to be on schedule until we pulled up to the dock and saw sweaty Mr. Keller looking as nervous as ever.

“He’s supposed to be here tonight, his flight was delayed due to weather in Chicago,” He blurted out before the engine was even off.

“What’s he doing in Chicago? I thought he was in New York,” Alan grumbled, not hiding his annoyance.

“Probably the same thing he was doin’ in NYC,” Wade smirked, giving Garrett and opening.


I rolled my eyes at the comment and had a slight internal panic attack.  Snickers was going to be another frat boy and I’d have to deal with four of them for six weeks and three for about two months.  I could handle Garrett and Wade, I was used to it, but I wasn’t entirely sure how the new dynamic would be.  It actually was amazing how entirely sure I was that he was going to be a problem for me even before I met the man, my previous thoughts of pity completely eradicated.

“Store the gear, we’re going out since we have to wait,” Chris basically commanded before catching himself, “as long as we’re not needed until tomorrow.”

“No, go ahead.  We’ll meet in the morning.  We can’t do much more until he arrives,” Alan said to no one in particular.  He seemed much deflated from all the waiting.  He liked to control everything and everyone, so I could only imagine how he was feeling.

We stored the gear, went to our respective rooms in the long string of apartments behind the lab building to get cleaned up, and were ready to go to our favorite, quiet bar run by locals.  They had good food, pool tables, and beer.  I didn’t always go out with the crew but I felt like it was a perfect night to.  We were all stressed out and I could use a bit of relaxing before Snickers arrived.

I decided to shoot some pool with Jet; he was always the most fun to play games with since he wasn’t as competitive as the other guys.  We both enjoyed friendly competition and hated to lose but we didn’t sulk about it for hours if we lost like the other crew members.  Troy and Danny joined us after a little while.

“So what’s Alan’s deal?” Danny questioned carefully.  He obviously wasn’t positive in how we felt about our boss.

“He’s ‘the best in his field’ according to him,” Jet scoffed and took a swig from his beer.

“Yeah, he kinda came off all high and mighty,” Troy replied thoughtfully, scrutinizing my reaction to the exchange.

“This business takes a lot of money, he just does what he has to,” Wade added, joining our conversation from a nearby table.

“You don’t say a lot, do you?” Troy asked me next, catching my surprise enough to almost choke on my beer.

“She’s a thoughtful one, nothin’ wrong with that,” Chris interjected almost protectively.  I nodded and took my shot next before wondering if Chris knew that defending me caused me to have a mixed reaction.  I was quiet but I could also speak for myself.

“Wade!” Garrett bellowed from the bar, chatting up some girls and needing his wingman.

“Duty calls,” Wade sighed before leaving us to our game.  Troy and Danny went back to the bar also so that it was only Jet, Chris, and I left.

“I appreciate the confidence in my personality, but I can speak for myself,” I stated quietly, trying to not sound irritated and took another shot.

“Sorry, I suppose I should know better with Jen being my girlfriend and all,” He smirked as Jet took his shot.  I turned my head away as my smile temporarily fell. 

I honestly did adore his girlfriend, I’d even consider us friends, but I also was a little jealous of how lucky she was.  To have someone like Chris who actually returned her affection was special.

“When is she coming to visit next?”

“This weekend, I think, she’s trying to make sure the tourists have a proper baby-sitter,”

“She’s still working for that eco-tourism thing?” Jet questioned, his interest in the conversation being piqued.

“Yep, she likes it okay.”

I took advantage of Jet’s distraction, winning as he tried to split his focus with the ensuing conversation.  As the game ended I decided I should try to get some sleep.  I said goodnight to the boys and headed to my apartment. My shoulders stiffened when I saw Dr. Jenkins, hoping it was a coincidence that he was standing near my place.

“Kyla, how was your evening?”

“Uneventful.  We just played some pool,” I replied, my voice giving away a bit of my nervousness as I fumbled to find my key.  I hated that I was always so uncomfortable around Alan but I didn’t find any reason to trust him in anything other than sharks.  He was so transparent, only caring about reputation and funding.

“I was hoping that when Mr. Sark is here I might persuade you to join us in a few social gatherings.  It would be a very good thing for the team,” he stated next, not really asking like he normally did but rather almost demanding that I be there.

“I’ll think about it.  I have a lot of work to do in the lab.”

“Right, think about it.  Think about your future, too.  In a few months you’re going to be looking for a post-doc program and your mentors are going to need to know if you’re a team player or not.”

I blinked.  The man was threatening me.  Blatantly and without warning he was dangling my future like we dangled the bait box for the sharks.  I opened my mouth to speak but no sound came out.  Dr. Jenkins turned and walked away swiftly.

Khaki Edward

To write...

Posted on 2009.04.01 at 19:57
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Part 2

As the team walked down the dock I suddenly felt the mood change.  This day was no different than any other but with one tremendous exception – the Discovery Channel TV crew was waiting for us at the lab entrance.  I saw Dr. Jenkins conversing with the crew and could tell something had irritated him.  Perfect.

 “Good, you’re back.  I need you four to get the boat packed with their gear and meet me in the conference room.  This is Dustin Keller, he’s the one in charge of the show production,” Dr. Jenkins spat out before quickly turning and disappearing into the building. 

 “What jumped up his butt,” Chris muttered under his breath, and the rest of us smiled.

 Dustin Keller was a short, stocky man that appeared to be in his fifties.  He had a red bald head and a determined look on his face.  I felt a little uncomfortable since I had to look down at him. 

 “We’ll drop our gear and be back for yours,” I said to him, and he hastily said thank you before following Dr. Jenkins into the building.  I noticed two other crew members before going to store the equipment I was carrying.

 Jet, Wade, Chris, and I went to load the TV crew’s gear onto the boat and one of the men came with us to help and to see where he would be working.  We introduced ourselves and he said his name was Tom, or Tim, or Trent…

 “So where’s the dude that’s gonna host the show, Troy?” Chris questioned, trying rather unsuccessfully to hide his disdain. 

 Ah, Troy.  I smiled to myself and caught Chris’ eye.  He winked at me and my cheeks felt a little warmer again.  I quickly pulled my eyes away and continued to the boat.

 “Last I heard he was gonna be late.  Jenkins wasn’t too happy about it,” Troy replied matter-of-factly and we all immediately understood why Dr. Jenkins was so irritated.

 “Of course he wasn’t happy.  It takes twice as long to do anything when we have extra people around,” grumbled Jet, loud enough that the man could hear.

 “Do you know why he’s late?” Wade asked, trying to gloss over the remark made by Jet.  I was glad someone quickly tried to change the subject since we would be working with the crew for about two months.

 “I dunno,” the man replied quietly with a shrug, and I almost felt sorry for him.  It wasn’t his fault this guy was late.  I had a sudden realization that I didn’t even know who we were waiting for.

 “So, who is this guy?”  My words were out before I had time to stop them.  I didn’t want to bring up anything that might cause more crankiness from my crew but it was too late now.

 “His name’s Nick Sark.  He’s a thespian with a cause,” Chris answered, and I raised an eyebrow, immediately curious.  “He was in some stupid chick movie that Jen made me see, all of teenage girl world is in love with him so he’s gotta crash our work so that the network can try to lure ‘em into raising their stupid ratings.”

 “That sounds about right,” Troy agreed, and I was somewhat gaping at Chris’ rant, but one of the frat boys brought me out of my momentary stun.

 “Nick Sark?  That’s a dumb name,” Wade said, laughing.  Once Wade realized Garrett wasn’t with us he stopped his laughter suddenly and I could almost see him making a mental note to mention it later.

 “It may be a dumb name but he can bring some publicity to Dr. Jenkins,” Jet stated, and it all clicked for me.  That’s why Alan agreed to this documentary with this host when he had turned down others. 

 My stomach knotted at the idea of “all teenage girl world” tuning in and me being on the television.  Maybe I could arrange it so I wouldn’t have to be on camera other than when I was in the water.  Jet could explain my role and we could use the satellite tags for everything.  In fact, I bet I could stay in the lab…

 “He better not get in the way,” I heard Jet mutter next, and then my sympathy went from Troy to this Nick guy.  Maybe he would be fine and we’d still get a lot of work done.  Or maybe he was going to be a giant pain in the neck. 

 I sighed quietly before continuing my thoughts.  I could get so much done in the lab in two months, but I don’t think I could stay away from the sharks for that long, especially since my internship was winding down.

 We finished our task of packing the boat and headed back to the conference room where Dr. Jenkins and Mr. Keller were waiting.  I really really didn’t want to deal with Alan and the foul mood he was sure to still be in.

 “He’s gonna be pissed,” Wade said to me quietly, and I nodded in agreement.

 “He’ll get over it eventually, I bet he’s just about salivating at the idea of how many people will watch this show,” I whispered back and Wade let out one loud bark of a laugh.

 “What?” Chris asked, and I shrugged innocently.

 “I’ll tell ya later,” Wade promised with a chuckle.  “Salivating?  That’s classic, Ky.

 We entered the building and I could already hear Alan’s annoyed voice.

 “You get him or his publicist on the phone now and find out exactly when he’ll finally get here!” 

 “The fun is about to begin,” Chris stated, which I took as a warning for Troy.

 Wade opened the door to the conference room and I could see Garrett sitting with his feet on the table, looking pretty bored.  Dr. Jenkins was standing at one end of the long rectangular table with Mr. Keller sitting with his back to the door.  He appeared to be sweating and had his head in his hands.  The other crew member sat with an uninterested look by Garrett.  Another frat boy, I thought to myself before Alan spoke.

 “Good, you’re here.  Everyone sit down.”

 “I’m sorry, I –“ Mr. Keller tried to speak which was an obvious mistake.

 “Call him!  Now!” Alan ordered and the poor man jumped up and left the room.  “I’m sure you’ve been told this Nick character is going to be late.  I’m trying to assess how much damage that will cause us in terms of shooting, our work, deadlines.”

 “Parties,” Chris chimed in and for the second time this day I gaped at him, my eyes holding back no surprise.

 “Excuse me?” Alan spat, but Chris’ face remained steady.

 “I’m just assuming he’s going to be an asset for us when it comes to publicity and it would be nice to have him here on time so we can use his status,”  Alan blinked a couple of times, not quite sure how to reply.

 “I’m sure when the show is aired you’ll have plenty of funding offers, but until then it would be beneficial to use this man’s celebrity here,” I quickly agreed, sensing Chris’ motivation in his diversion.  We needed to calm Alan down or our lives were going to be miserable.

 Dr. Jenkins furrowed his eyebrows, crossed his arms, and contemplated our reasoning.  If he was going to use Mr. Sark to his advantage he surely couldn’t have his first impression being one of anger and impatience.

 “Good point,” he finally sighed, visibly calmer.  Mr. Keller reappeared just then, sweating even more than before and I figured he had some unpleasant news to report.

 “I just spoke to Mr. Sark’s publicist and he’s delayed for two days, apparently his press interviews for his latest project ran late which caused him to miss his flight.  Since he’s cleared the next six weeks to be here he’s been doing all of his press,” Mr. Keller stammered, rushing through his explanation as quickly as possible but with evident fear which caused him to stumble over the words.

 “Well, I suppose we should be accommodating as much as possible, but he’d better arrive in two days,” Alan replied, his anger subdued but still existing behind his words.

 “I’ll do everything I can to make sure they are,” Mr. Keller promised immediately, confused but grateful for Alan’s change in mood.

 “So, where do you want to start?” Garrett asked, obviously too bored to allow the nonsense to continue anymore.  He and I were alike in few areas, but not dwelling on situations that were out of our control was definitely something we had in common.

 “Stock footage?  We could show them what the conditions are like and what I’ve done,” volunteered Wade, and Alan nodded.

 “Good.  You two do that.  Jet, Kyla, Chris, decide on where to start tomorrow, maybe they can get some shots and get used to the cages tomorrow.”

 I breathed a sigh of relief, happy to be passed the tense moment.  I turned and saw Chris trying to catch my eye.

 “What?” I said quietly, and he leaned closer to me, holding my attention with his hazel eyes.

 “Thanks for the inspiration.  When Wade said ‘salivating’ earlier I figured out what you guys were talking about.  Worked like a charm,” he smiled, careful to speak softly so that Alan couldn’t hear.

 “How do you do that?” I asked in amazement, wishing I could take it back immediately.

 “Do what?”

 I had to think fast, and I was proud of my concluded direction I would take the conversation now.

 “How do you read situations so well?” I lied.  I was actually wondering how he could be so confident with his ability to manipulate people.

 “I just tell people what they want to hear,” He leaned back again after that and turned to Jet.  Was he answering my actual question or the one I had voiced?

Khaki Edward

To write or not to write...

Posted on 2009.03.29 at 22:37
To my Fro-ho EBs -
This is a story I've been working on and it's not supernatural, it doesn't have Edward, it's just about being hurt and finding someone that helps you move on.  I don't have actual chapters, but I thought I'd post the first part and beg for feedback (yes, I'm that shameless). This first bit is a bunch of intros, I hope it's not too boring and I don't have a title for it yet. (Thanks Lege for helping me find the courage to post).

Part 1

I was alert and scared out of my mind.

 My gaze never shifted from the torpedo-shaped monster as it silently but purposefully swam toward me. 

 I had been in this place dozens – if not hundreds – of times before.  Everything felt familiar.  The shark would make its way deliberately toward me before losing interest, turning, and attacking the bait box.  But anything could happen.  No matter how often I studied these animals I didn’t take the chance that this shark this day might find me more interesting than the bait.

The adrenaline rush that accompanies my line of work is nothing that words can describe.  I used to be a big believer in coffee or other caffeine-infused substances until I started diving with killers.  It actually took me months to learn to relax after my dives.

 Two years ago I came here, to what my crew satirically calls GreekTown; a tourist trap in the BahamasParadise.  I want to know whose definition of “paradise” I landed in.  It’s loud; there are parties every night with people always coming and going, and to top it all off I’m constantly being treated like a second-class citizen.

 There are tolerable and enjoyable parts to my self-imposed sentence here.  I love the tiger sharks.  I have become so astute at anticipating their movements that my boss, Dr. Alan Jenkins, has accused me of being able to communicate with them.  When I first arrived on the island I was almost shaking with nerves at the thought of getting into the water with the tigers.  I’m still apprehensive before a dive but my first one seems like it was a lifetime ago.

 “I’m Kyla Greene, I’m here for sharks,” I had squeaked when Alan greeted me at the boat for the first time.  He laughed but there was nothing comforting in his scrutiny of me.  An amused expression played in his eyes which made me even more distressed than I was.

 “I certainly hope you’re not only here for sharks,” He replied, his mood turning terse, before introducing me to the rest of the team. 

 I felt like it took eons for me to even get passed the embarrassment of the first meeting when his advances started.  When they began he simply asked if I would accompany him to different parties or social events he was attending.  I went to one, witnessed his alter-ego, and swiftly decided that I didn’t want anything to do with him socially.  After the one event he asked me to dinner, to which I declined.  For a few weeks he stopped asking me to be his date but he was either undeterred or without other options as he continued and still asks me now and again.  I usually say I’m busy in the lab and he seems to accept it.

 Being the only woman (and, at 25, consequently the youngest) on the team was strange and unsettling at first but I’m used to it now.  Since I’m female I’m not treated the same as my crew-mates by the locals or by the tourists.  I’m treated more as an assistant or, in the worst situations, as though I’m nothing more than a pretty face.  The unnerving part is Dr. Jenkins hired me more for my gender than my skills.  While I don’t consider myself anything special, his advances have never allowed for me to believe that I deserve to be on his team. 

 Alan is one of the most respected experts in his field and I would sabotage my chances if I were to leave his team.  My conclusions about this man are incredibly conflicted.  I have four months left before my research project ends and I can move onto something else.  I will endure.

 I watched Betty, the nickname of the particular tiger swimming toward me, and she did what I had predicted by turning slowly and getting a free lunch from the bait box attached by a line several meters away from me.  A swirl of color and scales flashed as other fish picked the scraps and small pieces that Betty let by.  Her powerful tail propelled her away and into the deep blue water.  I turned to my safety diver, Garrett Casey, and signaled that we should surface.

 “Anyone but Betty down there, Ky?” Thuy Pan, who we called Jet, asked me as soon as I climbed the ladder and back into our thirty foot research vessel. 

 Jet earned his name from the color of his short black hair.  He was 26, short and his family was from Thailand.  In general he was well-natured and kind.  On the crew his main job was surface data collection; he would take temperatures, oxygen levels, and other measurements as well as watch the satellite tagging information for us.

 “Not that we noticed,” I retorted brusquely, not irritated at Jet but knowing Garrett was behind me on the ladder now and eyeing my backside.  I had to use all of my strength not to kick him.  

 Garrett was 32, tall and dark blonde, and acted exactly like a frat boy unless he was in the water.  When he was working he was unparalleled in his ability to quickly diffuse dangerous situations, it was just out of the water that he could use some help.

 “There’s not much of a party today but I think I got some nice pictures of Betty-,”

 “Nobody asked you, Wade,” Garrett joked and I couldn’t help but roll my eyes.  Yep, frat boys.  I thought with a half smile.

 Wade Tannehill was much quieter than Garrett and seemed to be content with allowing Garrett’s verbal attacks and interruptions. 

 An amazing underwater photographer, Wade was 28, a little shorter, and much darker in skin tone and hair color than his annoying friend.  He had light blue-green eyes that stood out in stark contrast to his coffee skin.

 I sometimes wondered why I stayed after those first few months with the frat boys in GreekTown before the painfully clear answer formed itself in my mind.  I needed to escape and at least I was able to do something that I loved while here.

 “Shut up Garrett,” Wade replied simply and I left the boys to bicker in order to store my gear. 

 As I walked toward the other end of the boat my mind started wandering and before long I was fixated on Betty, trying to figure out her next move.  I wanted, no needed, to make a prediction about where the shark might move after its free meal.  The calm waters gently lapped against the sides of the vessel and a soft breeze seemed to urge me on, helping to shape my thoughts and instincts.  Maybe she’ll head south toward the island?  To open water?  To the reef where the cleaning wrasses lived their lives?  No, she’s probably headed -

 “They arrive today,” Chris’ voice jarred me from my thoughts, and I jumped slightly.  “Sorry, didn’t mean to scare ya.”

 Chris Weaver was our ship’s captain most days but he could do any one of our jobs about as well as we could.  He stood at 5’10”, had short brown hair and kind, hazel eyes.  He was also attractive, having boyish good looks.  

 “No problem, just trying to figure Betty’s next move,”  I replied, feeling my face flush at the embarrassment of being so easily startled before realizing what he meant.  “You mean the TV crew arrives today.”

 “Yes indeed. They’re doing a special for Shark Week and they’ve got that actor that we’ve gotta baby-sit coming with ‘em,” answered Chris in a way that made it abundantly clear how unhappy he was to have to cater to the TV crew.

 I tilted my head slightly, pondering why he said the word “actor” the way he did.

 “I bet it won’t be that bad.  Maybe you’ll get to boss some people around,” I teased, which made Chris give me a goofy smile.  I watched him for a moment as he thought about what I said. 

 His hazel eyes flashed with amusement and I returned his smiled before going to join the other guys again.  Chris was cute, and I knew I could like him, but there were too many obstacles; the least of which was that he had a girlfriend who I actually liked.

 “Let’s pack it in, guys, slow day and we can always check satellite tags later,” Jet suggested and we all readily agreed.  Before long our team was cruising back toward GreekTown.

 I had contemplated for some time before figuring out why Dr. Jenkins had chosen this tourist destination over some other quieter island.  When I came to my conclusion it was ridiculously obvious – he like the publicity.  People would see the research vessel, ask questions, and before long he could solicit donations or have an invitation to a private yacht party where he could make connections.  His constant elbow-rubbing continually detached him from his team and he was often not on the boat as was the case today.  I preferred it that way; he was not the most understanding boss.

 “So, where’s she headed,” Garrett asked, ripping me from my thoughts once more.

 “Betty? East toward the birds I would assume,” I told him mechanically, and Garret laughed.  “What’s so funny?”

 “I knew you were figuring it out.  Damn I’m good,” Garrett crossed his arms smugly and I couldn’t help but laugh at his assumption that he could read my mind.

 If only he knew he wasn’t that good.

 I didn’t know if Garrett was honestly attracted to me or if he simply had a giant ego.  I assumed it was a bit of both; the ogling from earlier was a common occasion.  He might be full of himself but I trusted him when we were in the water.  His eyes were sharp and he knew when things were too dangerous to continue.

 The boat soon arrived at GreekTown and I grabbed some gear to unload.  It seemed like most of my time the last two years was spent on the boat then in the lab and back again.  I spent my time with the team and had learned to speak my mind when I needed to.  It was clear that the team respected my abilities and trusted me as a scientist, but on any social level I was unquestionably the outcast, and I preferred it that way.  Social situations often led to problems for me.

Khaki Edward


Posted on 2009.03.06 at 23:45
Could it be? Is this really THE nalwaves posting something?  Only to test...